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Folk n Funky 2 (album) Song Lyrics, Jazzy B- ft Sukshinder Shinda

Folk n Funky was an album which redefined the Bhangra scene. It was in our eyes one of the most memorable albums of all time. It featured the smash hit songs which are still played today; Londono Patola, Blue Eyes and many more!

This album added to the collection of hits which Jazzy B already had, with the most noticable one being Ghugian Da Jora. Since his early days, Jazzy B has not stopped creating smash hits, with the newest being Etwaar taken from the film Faraar.


Jazzy B and Shinda have had a very reputable collaboration in the past, which even included joint world tours. The duo have been unstoppable in their musical career and The Bhangra Zone can announce, they are back again! Jazzy and Shinda are currently in the early stages of making an album, which has been hinted to sound like all the old-skool Jazzy B songs that we love so much.

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